Cementing Floor

Skilled Labourer

•    Moving materials to the worksite and ensuring all tools, machinery, and other equipment are safely set up.
•    Driving between job sites and ensuring jobs have the equipment needed.
•    Operating equipment like drills, pneumatic hammers, shovels, pikes, and other heavy machinery.
•    Obeying health and safety codes, as well as the company's principles.
•    Removing hazardous materials from sites.
•    Spreading gravel, asphalt, and other materials over surfaces.
•    Performing site and equipment inspections.
•    Attending meetings and workshops.
•    Completing on-the-job training.
•    Ensuring tasks are completed to deadlines.

Skilled Labourer Requirements:
•    High school diploma or similar.
•    Completed apprenticeships (desired)
•    Class 5 driver's license recommended (5 years driving if driving company van)
•    Sound knowledge of construction and practical experience with tools.
•    Excellent time management, organizational, and communication skills.
•    A good understanding of safety procedures.
•    Great hand, eye, and foot coordination.
•    Willingness to learn and be flexible.
•    Positive attitude and great interpersonal skills

The candidate must be able to drive and will be hard working and committed to providing an excellent service to our customers. The hours are 8am – 4:30pm and the position will be well paid for the correct candidate. A probation period will apply.

Reference ID: JMA Skilled Labourer
Job Types: Full-time, Permanent


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